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v i b e k e   j e n s e n : E Y E s h o t
Bronx Museum, New York March - July, 2006: AIM 26

Installation w/ spotting scope, audio loop (4:47 min), head phones, photograph 40"x40", suspended transparency 40"x40"
Overall dimensions variable.

EYEshot investigates the terminology and technology of shooting and the impact of being shot.
I aim, frame and capture extreme close-ups of a bullet shot window and a gunshot wound. The
closeness of the apparatus and the odd intimacy of my scrutiny of the gun shot man cause an
invisible tension, amplified by the CLICK! of the shutter release.
The installation is organized along the axis of a spotting scope. The transparent image of the
window is mounted on a suspended sheet of glass next to the photograph of the greatly enlarged
wound which is mounted behind protective glass. A bank of headphones with a recording of the
shooting victim's story is framed by the scope's illuminated crosshair positioning spectators in
the story.