A version of Manasse Mathaeussen's last kayak (16' long x 20 1/4" wide; wide for a hunting kayak but 5 3/4" deep at the back of the cockpit x 7 3/4" at the front --both
measured from keel bottom to deckbeam top-- and just 28 lbs dry -- it's the 'old man's' hunting /teaching boat from the QAJAQ KLUBBEN video, but slightly
changed -- the same general numbers as Mnnasse's original but this boat narrowing more quickly toward both bow and stern --this feature caused by a probably aesthetically driven mistake that I then decided I liked the look and feel and promise of-- my cockpit also made a bit longer too but not by mistake, and two half-width front deck equipment-lines omitted out of laziness, a stern knob added to settle the whole boat down, plastic ribs replaced by oak because I couldn't find plastic I thought was right and because I also remembered that all the plastic ribs in the Manasse kayak ended up broken, and of course the sealskin cover changed to 8oz. nylon --a kind of replica I think, at least a semi, and a tight elegant boat anyway --a wonderful one to paddle too: calm, tight, extremely responsive even in wild choppy seas).

Also a few comparisons between my 'replica', another built last summer by Andrew Lukban after studing the QK video, and the boat Manasse actually built in the 1970's.

Richard Nonas
Nov. 2001

                                                         Mine                                                                                                                           Manasse



red=Manasse Mathaeussen original
green=Andrew Lukban 'replica'
white=Richard Nonas 'replica'

Top figure shows the difference between Manasse and Andrew deck-widths.
Middle figure shows the difference between Andrew and Richard deck-widths.
Bottom figure shows the difference between Manasse and Richard deck-widths.

 link to photos of 1789 Disko Bay kayak replica