E a s t   o f   t h e   S u n   a n d   W e s t   o f   t h e   M o o n
Platform China, Beijing   August 2005: AIR Vibeke Jensen
Installation view, Platform China, Beijing.
Architectural installation w/ video, audio and photographs, overall dimensions variable:
scaffold net, steel bars, straw mat, wood, bricks, DVD player, monitor, speakers, sub-base, paper & pencils

East of the Sun and West of the Moon is my contribution to the immense construction work currently taking place in Beijing.
I utilize the basic materials seen on every building site to create a temporary place for negotiation and an infrastructure
for thought and contemplation. The installation is oriented according to the east-west axis. Two square structures, a tent and
a water tank, mirror the footprints of the former World Trade Center in New York and the future Beijing CCTV towers.
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