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individual electric, i.e. is a collaboration involving the initial intersection of two people and a variety of materials and
ideas. Vibeke Jensen, of Norway and Norman Douglas of the United States teamed up in early 1993 to look into the extensions of
man expressed in technologies from the word to the bit. Economic aesthetics, architectural semiotics, visionary surveillance,
sacrificial gift, anonymous identity, the obsolete high tech and the unknown no-tech are just a few of the antitheses explored by
this fluctuating cell. As their backgrounds inform their work, their work has become a background toward the rediscovery of
magnetism and metamorphosis. Shunning the obvious differences reinforced by specialist culture, i.e. maps the links between
the cracks of the impossible.

G U N s h o t  -   O B S u r v e i l l a n c e
GUN shot

OBSurveillance on the net:
blow job

OBSurveillance at e~on:
The TV died

PBS Portable Box Site:
armed Box

O B S u r v e i l l a n c e is an ongoing project that explores video surveillance - information gathering, processing and display.
It is designed to comment on multiple presence (known and unknown); on everyday acts of watching and being watched, on seeing
oneself in space merge with others in space.

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