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control room; interactive video projection, 4 monitors
all these professional conspirators are
spying on each other without really
knowing why, are colliding by chance
but not identifying each other with
any certainty. Who is observing
whom? On whose behalf, apparently?
And actually? The real influences
remain hidden... So that while no
one can be sure that he is not being
tricked or manipulated, it is rare for
the string-puller to know he has
succeded. And in any case, to be on
the winning side of manipulation does
not mean that one has chosen the
right strategic perspective...

-- from Guy DeBord
comments on The Society of the Spectacle

C l o s e d  C i r c u i t   solo exhibition, Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Norway, 2002.

Architectural installation:
GUNcheck: 8 color photographs GUNshots à 50 x 50 cm hung in a revolving fashion
lineUP: 8 b/w photographs à 25 x 75 cm, 8 lamps, lineUP video, VHS player, LCD projector
Control Room: 2 black two-way projection screens, 4 video monitors, 4 video players, 2 CCTV camera, CCTV monitor,
security guard uniform, Street_Walking interactive digital video program, LCD projector, dimensions variable.

Closed Circuit was generously supported by a grant from The Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs' art and new
technology program and an exhibition grant from The Arts Council Norway.
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